Drinking aloe vera helps your body absorb the good stuff—better. Each of our blends uses real aloe vera straight from the leaf and key positive ingredients to support a healthy lifestyle.

  • Aloe vera Ancient healer filled with vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids.
  • Coconut water Potassium-rich, boosts energy and endurance, isotones for body restoration.
  • Goji berries Plentiful in antioxidants, vitamin A, and nutrients for anti-aging.
  • Lychees Rich in zinc, vitamin C and contains essential minerals like copper and magnesium.

Other flavors:

alo vera, coconut water, goji and lychee


The science of harmony isn’t exact. But it is delicious in taste and tones. Our hydration breakthrough takes natural aloe vera pulp and juice, blends it with pure potassium-rich coconut water and the dynamic duo of goji berry and lychee. Add in ALOtones™ and you can regenerate from head to core.
Nutritional Information

Serving size 11.8 fl. oz (350 ml)
100% Gluten Free

Ingredients: Natural coconut water from concentrate, aloe vera juice, aloe vera pulp, goji berry juice from concentrate, lychee juice, citric acid, Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)
Amount/serving %DV* Amount/serving %DV*
Calories 60

Total Fat 0g 0 % Total Carb 15g 5 %
Sat. Fat 0g 0 % Dietary Fiber 0g 0 %
Trans. Fat 0g Sugars 14g
Cholest. 0mg 0 % Protein 0g 0 %
Sodium 50mg 2 %
Potassium 480mg 14 %
VitaminA 0% • VitaminC 30% • Calcium 4% • Iron 10%
*Percent daily values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.