Find Your ALO® Flavor

halved pomegranate

ALO® Original

Our flagship line of aloe vera drinks takes real aloe vera pulp and juice – never from powder – blends it with real fruit juice and other fine ingredients, for fun flavors that you can’t stop sipping. Learn More

  • ALO Exposed
  • ALO Allure
  • ALO Appeal
  • ALO Awaken
  • ALO Comfort
  • ALO Crisp
  • ALO Enrich
  • ALO Spring

ALO® Light

50% less sugar than ALO Drink Exposed Original Flavor and is sweetened with cane sugar, stevia, and erythritol. Learn More

  • ALO Exposed Light
  • ALO Exposed Bright
  • ALO Refresh Light

ALO® Organic

Try our first certified organic flavor. White Grape + real Aloe Vera juice will make you smile. It is artisan crafted with aloe vera from our organic farms in Thailand and Taiwan. Learn More

  • ALO Organic - Aloe vera and white grape juice

Aloe Coco

Life moves fast. Renew, refresh, repeat. Sooth and heal with our perfect balance of real aloe vera juice and fresh coconut water. Enjoy! Learn More

  • ALO Aloe Coco
  • ALO Aloe Coco Coconut Water and Watermelon Juice

ALO® Essentials

A fresh splash of fruit with the right amount of premium aloe vera is the very essence of ALO enjoyment. This simplicity gives back to your body with each sip and is, essentially, hard to resist. Learn More

  • ALO Essentials Lime Spark
  • ALO Essentials Mango Delight